Sunday, July 5, 2015

Apple Music: Interface Mess - Interstitial 5

The fun continues on the desktop.

Above we have iTunes 12.2 on Mac OS X (happens to be running on El Capitan).  We have a more complete set of tabs, text only, including My Music and "Playlis..." That ellipsis was certainly necessary, huh?  Note that here we have the options spelled out, without any icons.

Again "New" means something closer to "Explore" than "New."

Above we have a playlist suggested by Apple Music. One of the songs is grayed out. Why? I have absolutely no idea. But it means the song won't play.

Here we have a desktop version of the "wall-of-text" menu.  But here we at least have icons, making its little easier to figure out what's going on. Except that the same icon is used for multiple things, repeatedly (e.g. "New Station from Artist" and "Go to Artist.")

Here we have two different "Add To" options. The top bottom one provides a submenu listing various playlists and denies where the song can be sent. 

So much redundancy and inconsistency...

Two of these things are not like the others:

And this is what it looks like after clicking "More Artists":


Here's a good use of whitespace: 

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