Sunday, July 5, 2015

More on the Safari Controversy

Further to an earlier posthere's another article from a web developer whining that Safari doesn't support his favorite new standards-based googads.

Here's a choice bit:

"It’s holding the mobile web back, as the web isn’t better than the lowest common denominator, and by having a dominant mobile platform where the web only is being updated once a year, and by one vendor, it simply slows down the distribution of new features, which ultimately slows down the innovation on the web."
This emblematic of the fundamental flaw in this line of reasoning.  The mobile web can never be more than the lowest common denominator, which is exactly why Apple doesn't focus its efforts on non-user-facing features.  Apple wants you writing native apps which can take advantage of Apple's value added hardware features and Cocoa stack.  Apple has no interest in developing an ecosystem of apps that run just as well on a $100 Android phone as on an iPhone 6+, which take no advantage of Apple's hardware features, which don't integrate with HealthKit and HomeKit and Apple Watch, which aren't searchable with Siri, etc.  Because if that's the dominant ecosystem, what's the point of buying Apple hardware?

So good luck with that petition, folks.

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