Friday, September 5, 2014

Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0 Beta for Yosemite

I've previously discussed the importance of backups. An important part of my backup strategy for my main laptop, a 2011 MacBook Pro, is Carbon Copy Cloner. I use this to supplement by Time Machine backups. Carbon Copy Cloner, unlike Time Machine, creates an fully-bootable backup of my Mac. In an emergency I can plug in the drive, boot the machine while pressing the Option key on the keyboard, and select the drive to boot from. This allows me to continue working without having to stop everything and go through the time consuming Time Machine restore process. 
The company that makes Carbon Copy Cloner now has a beta program for the new version that supports Yosemite. I am testing it now, and will do a full review once the software is released to the public. In addition to supporting Yosemite, the new version has a new "flatter" user interface with many clever interface improvements, so this is a major update.

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