Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Good rundown at ArsTechnica.  A few thoughts.

First, to the extent there are positive reviews, they focus on the looks.  But I feel like they're grading on a curve. First, it's 46mm diameter, which is huge.  Too big for at least a lot of men, and almost all women, I'd bet.  Second, it may look sort of like an ordinary watch (apart from size), but it doesn't look like a nice watch.  At least not one I'd want to own. 

Yeah, that looks right.
Also, what's with shipping a product with that notch on the bottom of the screen, and then calling it the Moto 360.  I mean, it's like they're drawing a target right on the most obvious visible flaw by naming it that.

And how the heck do you release a smartwatch running a 45nm processor?  It's like they wanted the battery to die twice a day.  (And, apparently, the visuals stutter and freeze, too. So the best of both worlds - bad battery life and bad performance).

Look, Motorola is at least somewhat on the right track here, but this thing is half-baked.  This is the difference between releasing a product when you can vs. releasing a product when it's right.

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